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How to keep the mug clean?

Time:2020-03-10 13:19:04

We know that more and more incubators are loved by people, but the cleaning of cups has been ignored. It looks very clean on the surface, and if you don't wash the cup often, it may contain a lot of bacteria. Just like our skin, the surface looks very clean. In fact, the pores contain a lot of garbage, so it is easy to grow acne. Tea cups such as cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury, etc., are sure to harm our health. The lipstick left by female friends at the mouth of the cup is also very easy to absorb harmful substances and pathogens in the air. Therefore, the cleaning of the mug becomes heavier and heavier.

Since the thermos cup is different from the ordinary cup, his capacity may be larger than that of the general cup, especially some wide-mouth pots and travel pots, which are relatively large and deep, so they are generally not very clean. Travelers who travel frequently, like to bring a thermos cup, use it to make tea. Although they can drink hot tea, the cup is more likely to be dirty. The problem of cleaning has become a big problem. If we just rinse it with water, it will not work. A lot of dirt is absorbed on the cup. How to remove tea scale or oil? We teach you a few good ways to decontaminate: 1. Squeeze some toothpaste on the inner wall of the cup and wipe it back and forth. 2. Scrub with a broken eggshell. 3. Rub with a sponge and salt. You can easily remove the 4, potato skin to scrub. It can be better with a toothpaste brush. Finally, it is better to rinse it with water. The main thing is that the safety of these cleansing can be assured. Unlike ordinary detergents, they are synthesized by chemical substances, and the oil removal effect is very good. it is good. Do not cover the lid after cleaning, first dry it to avoid stinking the cup.

If you are a friend who loves to drink tea and travel frequently, I suggest you use our tea cup. Because you often use a thermos cup to drink tea, the cup is very dirty, and it is very inconvenient to clean frequently, especially on business trips. One of the main features of our tea cup is that it is easy to clean. We can see that both of them can be disassembled and can be broken into three pieces. In this way, it is very clean. We can directly use the cup. Wipe all parts of the inner wall again. The important thing is that it also has the function of insulation. Another main feature is that he can realize the convenient tea separation function. We know that some people who are proficient in tea ceremony have high requirements on the concentration and temperature of tea. We can do this very simply. Because of this function, it also cleverly solves the problem that the mug is soaked in the tea due to the heat preservation.

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